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Design / Pre-Production

CMF offers product development services for many different types of projects while serving many different industries. CMF’s designers are knowledgeable in the manufacturing, commercial, and retail industries. As a result, our design team is very detail-oriented and thorough with the design process.

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Laser Cutting

We offer laser cutting technology to fabricate sheet metal parts which provide accurate and fast fabrication without the need of tools. Laser cutting can make thousands of cuts per hour with micrometer precision.

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We feature a Trumpf, TC500 CNC punching machine, equipped with a 360-degree rotational head assembly allowing for a wide range of hole and forming possibilities, along with a presser foot to maintain flatness in the finished product.

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CMF offers high quality metal shearing services to our customers using our two in-house shears, a 12’ hydraulic 1/2” plate capacity and our 10’, ¼” mechanical shear machine (great for production shearing).

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We have 4 hydraulic press brakes ranging from 135 ton to 300 ton and up to 15’ forming capabilities. With decades of experience, we can perform some of the most challenging tasks in steel forming. Examples range from 24 gauge sheet up to 1/2” thick plate.

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CMF offers rolling, using a 6” slip roll. We can roll up to ¾” thick material. We have the capabilities to accurately roll stainless, aluminum and steel, sheet metal and plate into complete cylinders, partial cylinder segments or full cones, as well as structural bar stock of many shapes. We custom roll to your specifications.

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Other Services

Through our trusted local partnerships we also offer saw cutting, powder coating, welding, plating, machining and waterjet cutting.

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