Laser Cutting


We offer laser cutting technology to fabricate sheet metal parts which provide accurate and fast fabrication without the need of tools. Laser cutting can make thousands of cuts per hour with micrometer precision.
CMF has (1) 5000 watt Trumpf Lasers that offer maximum productivity and accuracy in a wide range of materials. Both machines feature dual shuttle tables with 5’x10’ table size with both machines having the Trumpf lift master, which allows a lights out process. We can process mild steel up to 1”, stainless up to ¾”, and aluminum up to ½” thick. We use oxygen and nitrogen as assist gas, but when cutting thin gauge mild steel we can save you money by cutting with shop air supply. Our CAD Nesting software allows for maximum material utilization.

  • Trumpf Trumatic
  • L30505000 watts
  • 1” steel capacity
  • Auto loading